# Getting started


Chūshō is currently in active development.

Existing components should be stable but they are pretty young and some edge cases might have been missed. You’re more than welcome to try them now and report any problem you might encounter.

We’ll add more components before releasing the first stable version, you can follow the progress.

Install Chūshō and its dependencies with npm:

npm install chusho @vue/composition-api

Or yarn:

yarn add chusho @vue/composition-api

Composition API

Chūshō’s target is Vue 3, but since it’s not finalized yet, we use Vue 2 with the Composition API plugin in the meantime. If your project doesn’t use the Composition API already, you should install and load it before Chūshō.

In your main entry point, provide Chūshō to your app with:

import Vue from 'vue';
import CompositionApi from '@vue/composition-api';
import Chusho from 'chusho';

Vue.use(Chusho, {
  // Here goes your own Chūshō config

See the config page for available options.