# Tailwind

A configuration preset to easily integrate with Tailwind CSS.

# Preconfigured components

# Flex

  • containerClass set to flex flex-wrap
  • defaultWidth set to w-full
  • gaps (both x and y) populated using the spacing settings
  • widths populated using the width settings

# Installation

Install with npm:

npm install @chusho/preset-tailwind

Or yarn:

yarn add @chusho/preset-tailwind

Now you can import the preset, extend it and pass its result as Chūshō’s config:

import Vue from 'vue';
import Chusho, { utils } from 'chusho';
import chushoPresetTailwind from '@chusho/preset-tailwind';
// Load your own Tailwind config, real path might be different
import tailwindConfig from '../tailwind.config.js';

  // We provide a simple utility method to merge your own config with the preset defaults
    // Call the preset with the Tailwind config as parameter
      // Here goes your own config

# TypeScript

In a TypeScript environment, you can cast the config object to benefit from autocomplete:



// ...
import Chusho, { ChushoUserOptions, utils } from 'chusho';
// ...

  utils.mergeDeep(chushoPresetTailwind(tailwindConfig), {
    // Here goes your own config
  } as ChushoUserOptions)

Depending on your TypeScript config, you may encounter the following error:

Could not find a declaration file for module '../tailwind.config.js'. '../tailwind.config.js' implicitly has an 'any' type.ts(7016)

You can get rid of it by adding the following code in one of your definition files (.d.ts):

declare module '*/tailwind.config.js';